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Skin Lab
Internship Program

The Skin Lab’s internship was born from a love of all things medical aesthetics related along with a passion for helping rising aestheticians or newly graduated aestheticians have a better understanding of what happens within the medical aesthetic space in real time.

This popular internship offers an opportunity for rising aestheticians to pull the curtain back and see what happens within the treatment space versus what’s learned in the books. And, learn how to become a strong leader within the aesthetic industry.

What is Involved

The Skin Lab Internship Program includes shadowing licensed medical aestheticians within the treatment space during services with patients. It also involves taking part in the rebooking/pre-booking scenario and being privy to both skin consultation analysis, as well as clinical recommendations for at home regimens. Rising Aestheticians will have the opportunity to learn and take part in activities that they would be responsible for within a medical aesthetic practice such as resetting the treatment space beds, replenishing clean spa towels, pricing, and shelving inventory for Regimen pieces.

This is not an internship in the traditional sense. It is not inclusive of assisting. It is an opportunity for further education, real time learning experience and exponential growth for Rising Aestheticians/New Aestheticians. It provides an opportunity to add your experience and logged intern hours for résumé purposes and future aesthetic position opportunities.


The Skin Lab internship is packed with certifications as well as, real time experience in a busy and booked treatment space.

What to Expect

This internship program takes into account that there needs to be flexibility for the aestheticians’ education/work schedule. Therefore, we offer one day per week options over a 2 month span of time. Participants will choose a block of time between Monday - Thursday

  • 9 AM-12 PM

  • 1 PM-4 PM

  • 4 PM- 7 PM


Participants of this internship are asked to arrive in aesthetic treatment space wear. Either a set of black scrubs or gray scrubs are a perfect fit. Other colors are acceptable as long as they are a coordinating set. Clean and neat hair is expected and make up is allowed.

When agreeing to take part in this internship participants will participate in still shot imagery and videography for promotional and advertisement purposes.

Our hope for all rising aestheticians or newly graduated aestheticians that take part in this internship is that they gain a better understanding for what happens within a clinical treatment space as a medical aesthetician and get a better point of view for Aesthetics in real time all done so within a well-established, busy medical aesthetics spa.

At The Skin Lab we do not subscribe to the idea of working with no compensation. We also consider the efforts of a Rising Aesthetician throughout the internship. If a position becomes available, there may be an opportunity for employment.

How to Participate

For more information on this Internship Program or to submit your résumé to be considered please send an updated résumé and your Instagram handle for your professional page to


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