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Skin Lab treatment room

Opened in 2020, The Skin Lab is a Medical Aesthetic Practice in the heart of Lebanon. We offer patients the very best in facials, peels, waxing, lash lift & tint, derma planing, light therapy options, brow lamination, cool plasma, lash extensions, micro needling and hydro oxygen facial, education and recommendations on the most effective at home skin care regimens, and many other aesthetic protocols.

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Where Science meets Perfected Skin

Meet the Owner


Hey there!


My name is Niki Green and I am a licensed medical aesthetician and certified in derma planing, lash lift & tint, micro and chemical peels, spray tan, and micro needling. I cater to all of my clients’ beauty goals by focusing on the health of their skin and being progressively results driven.

I have been married to the love of my life, Andy for nearly 25 years. We have four healthy, happy kiddos: three boys and a girl. Our pup Dolly Sue is who really rules the roost on our little farm.

In my free time I enjoy boating in the summer, live comedy and live music any time of the year, and spending time with friends and family often. Music soothes my soul. Anytime you’re around me I will definitely be listening to some sort of music. And, I’m very eclectic in my musical tastes. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of my community and giving back when able.

I am a make up artist whose looks have been published on the pages of several magazines, red carpets, as well as, worked behind the scenes at the CMA’s and the BMI awards. I have been asked to be a keynote speaker at not only my alumni school but, other aesthetic schools within my state and surrounding areas. 

I have contributed to several aesthetic related podcast including a nationally accredited podcast/Skincare Anarchy on the science behind LED light therapy initiatives. I have also been asked to contribute to the life and wellness categories of Lebanon lifestyle magazine on several occasions.


I started my journey into aesthetics a little later in life than most. In my younger years I stayed at home with my children to help them learn and grow and be nurtured. I adored this time in life. But as many things do… that time became smaller and smaller. As my children all grew older they needed me less and less at home. I wanted to find something to give me purpose once again. I knew that it would have to be something I could be passionate about. I chose this
industry because of my love for people and my nature to want to give aid to others.


What I find to be true daily is that each of my friends & patients that seek my professional recommendation and services walks away with a certain sense of feeling educated, as well as, confident. Whether it be a new confidence in healthier skin, or the confidence in achieving more youthful appearing skin, in more perfected brows, in being educated on the different options for creating healthier and more youthful appearing skin, and so many other wonderful options in between. This confidence trickles down into so many other parts of life for each of my friend & patients. We as women need to have this confidence about ourselves so that we can then be physically and mentally well to take care of all the other loved ones around us. And, to have the ability to perform to the fullest wherever our passions lie. I truly adore this part of my work. 


I have been in this industry for 10+ years. While I started out on the professional make up side; I have since focused on the medical aesthetics side for upwards of 6 years. When booking a session with me you can always count on gaining healthier skin, perfected brows, sprinkle in a bit of skin education, and know that you have just made a new friend!

Meet the Team


Ashton Butcher

Ashton began Aesthetics School in June of 2021 at Paul Mitchell the School, Nashville. Learning all of the material and visiting many clients, Ashton graduated in December of 2021.  She then officially began as a licensed esthetician.


"For the longest time, I had always mentioned that teaching would be my forever job. I had so much love for the industry, but in the back of my mind I always knew it was not the career for me.


I had always struggled with acne in my younger years of high school. I tried many different skin care lines, but sadly nothing seemed to help me the way that I thought it would. I began researching all things skin care from products to services, that is where my love for skin care began!


I am very passionate about educating my clients on skincare products, customizing skincare routines that best apply to their skin, and overall, helping clients feel their most beautiful selves inside and out."


Outside of the treatment room, Ashton spends most of her time with family and friends, attending church, preparing for pageants, shopping, and spending time with her fur baby. She also loves traveling to different music festivals to hear her favorite country artists.

Adrienne Akin

Adrienne excelled in the dental field as a dental assistant for a six year period. And, while she enjoyed her career, as time moved forward she looked for something that could provide more passion.


As coincidence would have it, she was a client of Niki’s for years before thinking about moving in to aesthetics but the one thing that always stayed with her is the positive feeling she felt while in the treatment space and how she always looked forward to her upcoming sessions. It left a lasting impression on her.


Adrienne wants to be that person that people look forward to coming to see to make them feel special and provide them with their special “me time” all while being progressive and educational with skin. Outside of the treatment room she loves spending time with family and friends, being outside in nature, and working on DIY’s/ crafts, and going to music concerts.


Amanda Fulton


Amanda Fulton is a licensed medical aesthetician that graduated with stellar achievements. During her time in school she took on The Skin Lab’s internship program. In this program she was able to learn about all things medical aesthetics and what it meant to be part of The Skin Lab team. Shortly after she graduated from aesthetics school, The Skin Lab extended an invitation to join the team, which I gladly accepted!


In her time outside of the practice she loved to do all things outdoors. Walks in parks, hikes, golfing, time out by the lake; any chance for her to soak up the sun! She loves scenic joy rides and usually lets the road take her wherever. A good part of her time is spent in the gym, it's a place where she can tune out of the world and focus on her personal physical goals.


Her family is important to her and she is thankful she has them in her life to support every step she’s taken so far.


Amanda has always had a fascination with skincare and its ability to transform an individual's confidence, she realized her passion had to be shared with others. Still, never fully knowing what she wanted to do in life she remembered this quote, “Pick something you would do for free, and make that your career, you will never work a day in your life.” She had to think hard, but ultimately it came back to what the Aesthetics industry was as a whole, this is when she knew becoming an aesthetician was in her future. It wasn’t until later at school that she realized being an aesthetician isn't just about skincare, but so many other cosmetic procedures, and this pulled her in even more!


At the end of the day, being someone who had previously struggled with showing confidence together, she hopes to help any female showcase that same confidence on the outside so they can feel their best within. Luckily, with her love language being all about serving others combined with this passion, there is nothing more fulfilling than what she can offer and do as a medical aesthetician.

Isabella Green

Isabella is a licensed medical aesthetician that grew up around the aesthetics field. Being immersed in aesthetics from an early age helped create a passion for it.

Isabella‘s mom, Niki G. The owner of The Skin Lab was thrilled when Isabella showed interest in Aesthetics. She decided to follow her mom’s footsteps and join her along side this amazing team of aestheticians!


She strives to be able to help others feel their most confident about their own skin. Her mentality is that no one should feel compelled to wear make up to feel their best. She is a huge proponent for accentuating each friend and patients natural beauty.


Her niche is in Lash extensions and she has been executing them with precision since the start of 2023 and has mastered different looks, styles, and techniques.


She also has a special love for professional make up services. Some thing that she is well-versed in. While she does not think that females need to feel compelled to wear make up to feel their best she does understand fully that for special events accentuating females natural beauty really helps to pop off the page. It also is a great fit for HD lighting and flash photography for special events. Growing up, she took part in competitive dance, cheer and pageantry. Make up had a role in each of these. Subsequently, she has such a love for make up and its role for accentuating natural beauty. She is well-versed in a soft glam look and creates those looks often.


When not in the treatment room you can find her on the lake, eating Mexican food, and playing with her fur babies!

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